Key West Jet Ski Rental – 60 Minutes

Rent a Jet Ski in Key West from | 888-667-4386
There’s no better way to get your Key West adrenaline on than to rent a Jet Ski and enjoy the warm, shallow waters of the Florida Keys!

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A Jet Ski or Waverunner rental combines speed, maneuverability and the wind and waves to give you an unmatched watersports experience. The rules are simple: stay within the enormous ride area, obey the marine laws, and don’t hurt yourself or anyone else! Captain your own jet ski, or take a friend along for a wet and wild discovery of the beautiful harbors and nearby tropical islands of Key West.

Rent a Jet Ski in Key West from | 888-667-4386

You can jump some waves, take in some sights and see whatever Mother Nature decides to show you. And do it all at your own speed, literally!

Key West Jet Ski Departure Times

• Hourly, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Key West Jet Ski Rentals: Know Before You Go

  • You must be at least 18 to operate a jet ski.
  • Jet ski operators 18 thru 23 must have Florida Boat Safety ID card.
  • Lifetime test is available online. Temporary card test available at dock.
  • Jet Ski rental customers are responsible for their own damages and operation, and must obey navigation safety and marine laws.
  • Jet ski riding is confined to a specified (but extensive) area.

Jet Ski Departure Point

0 Duval St., Key West
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