Key West Electric Car Rental

Why Rent an Electric Car in Key West?

Key West is small (just four miles by two miles) so parking can be hard to find during busy times. And gas can be expensive. That’s why electric car rentals are such a popular way to get around the island. These zippy eCars are easy to maneuver around the narrow streets of America’s only Caribbean island. And unlike a standard rental car, you don’t have to worry about getting sand out of the upholstery or carpets after a day at the beach. These rugged cars are tourist-friendly.

Two grades of electric cars are available for rent: standard and premium. [info_popup pop_title=’Compare Standard versus Premium Electric Car Rentals’ message=’Most Key West visitors prefer deluxe electric car rentals because there is no deposit charged to your credit card as long as you return the car in good condition. You can book your premium rental through Call us at 888-667-4386 to book your standard rental. Still not sure which is right for you? Call us toll-free at (888) 667-4386. Click on “close” below this message to return to the page. ©2012’ pop_image=’’]Electric Car Rental Comparison Chart[/info_popup] Both grades of eCars are as easy to drive as golf carts, but are completely street legal in Key West. All styles feature open sides that allow you to enjoy the tropical breezes, offering you unobstructed views of our city’s great sights, our sunsets and the blue ocean waters. These fun, eco-friendly electric cars are easier to park than full size vehicles, and the open – air sides make you feel as though you’ve just entered a parade on the wonderfully wild and wacky Duval Street.

Rentals start at just 4 hours, so even if your cruise ship is just here for a half-day, you can still rent an electric car for a self-guided tour of Key West.

Helpful Hints for Key West Electric Car Rentals

  • Rentals are available in two, three, four, five, 8-hour, and 24-hour increments, plus multi-day rentals.
  • The longer your rental term, the lower your average per-hour cost. (However, prices are quoted as a flat fee.)
  • Walk-up rates tend to be higher, so you can save money by reserving your eCar in advance with
  • If you’re renting an electric car for more than 24 hours, you may have to recharge it. Most guest houses and hotels have power sources for multiple-day rentals.
  • Battery chargers and instructions on use are included in the price of your eCar rental.
  • Shuttles are available from anywhere in Key West to get you to and from the rental agency.

Call Tours Key West at 888-667-4386 today to reserve your electric car.

Electric Car Rental

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