Key West Extreme Sports

Key West Jet Pack Adventure | 888-667-4386 | ToursKeyWest.comKey West is a haven for adrenaline junkies. Have a “007” experience–and see the island from a totally unique perspective–on a skydiving or jet pack adventure!

The Jetlev R200 Jet Pack is a water-powered system that allows you to levitate and fly at heights of up to thirty feet above the water. You’ll feel sensations ranging from weightlessness as you levitate in the air, to feeling like a bird as you learn how to fly the Jet Pack in any direction, and at any speed that’s comfortable for you.

If you really want to fly, skydiving is the extreme sport for you. When you skydive over Key West, you’ll see as far north as the Middle Keys and the Seven Mile Bridge, as well as Key West, the Lower Keys, and the gorgeous living coral reefs that surround the island.

Call Tours Key West at 888-667-4386 or book online for an extreme sports adventure you’ll never forget!

Extreme Sports

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