Key West Jet Ski Island Tour Video

If you’ve never been on a personal watercraft before, you just have no idea what you’re missing or how much fun it is! It’s sort of the seagoing version of a Harley Davidson, but you don’t need a special license to drive one. In just a few minutes your tourguide will show you how to safely operate and maneuver your Jet Ski or Waverunner…and then you’re off!

Friends of our shot this video footage for us with our nifty new waterproof video cam. In the beginning you’ll see the tourguide briefing the group on Jet Ski safety and where to go (to reach top speeds of 50 MPH, you have to stay in a specific area so you won’t get in the way of other, bigger boats.) After that, it’s just pure speed and pure fun and pure adrenaline.

If you can’t have fun on a Jet Ski in Key West, you just don’t know how to have fun.  :)

These island tours are one of our most popular trips, and if you’re going to be in Key West for a limited amount of time — say, on a cruise ship port call — it pays to book your trip in advance because they sell out. (Not hard to understand when you and 3,000 other passengers all get off your cruise ship at the same time, and all of you want to rent a jet ski.) So give us a call at 888-667-4386 as far in advance as you can, and we’ll hook you up. Your best option is to book your excursions a month before to be sure there’s availability.

Another bonus…the cruise lines charge almost twice as much as we do for the same excursions, so book through and you can have twice as much fun for the same amount of money.

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