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Key West Parasailing for Cruise Ship Visitors Video

Over a quarter million people arrive in Key West on cruise ships during the winter months, and sometimes it seems that every one of them wants to go parasailing.  :)  And why not? We’re known for our adventure travel and extreme sports.

Parasailing is a great excursion if you’re here on a port call because you can literally walk to the parasailing departure point from the cruise ship dock. It’s just a couple minutes away. And the trip itself isn’t very long. In fact, you can go parasailing even if you’re only going to be in port for a couple of hours. Give us a ring at 888-667-4386 and let us know your arrival and departure times, and we’ll get you booked on a trip that fits into your itinerary.

There’s no view to compare. You can see the whole island of Key West, plus the reefs, the boats, the cruise ships from about 400 feet in the air. It’s about as close as you can get to the feeling of flying. But the nice thing is that the ascent and descent is so smooth that you don’t get that “dropping” sensation that you have from skydiving, so a lot of people prefer it.

Almost forgot, if you’re arriving on a cruise ship, you can save about half-off the price by booking with Tours Key West instead of your cruise line. (We love the cruise companies, but they do tend to have quite the markup on shore excursions.)

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