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New at the Key West Aquarium: Stingray Bay

We would like to welcome our newest neighbors, a school of eight cow-nose stingrays who have taken up residence in “Stingray Bay,” one of the hands-on exhibits at Key West Aquarium. These stingrays have been de-barbed for your safety, so you can touch and even hand-feed them in the exhibit. Don’t pass this up…it’s hard to describe what a stingray feels like, but kids love them. Their skin is very soft and spongy, and slippery to allow them to glide through the water. They rays are surprisingly friendly and curious and actually enjoy interacting with people (especially when the people have food in their hands!)

If you and your family enjoy eco-tourism, the Aquarium is a great destination. You could combine some stingray-feeding with a morning or afternoon dolphin excursion to see some of the island’s biggest aquatic creatures.

This Sunday, February 3rd, Conchs can get into the Aquarium for free on Locals Day (just bring photo ID that proves you’re a Key West resident.)

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