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Key West Eco Tours & Dry Tortugas

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Just 70 miles west of Key West Florida, the seven naturally beautiful islands that make up the Dry Tortugas coral atoll are an Eco Tourism dream come true. Enjoy the unspoiled scenery of the nearby Marquesa Islands and Boca Grande, or listen to pirate legends at historic Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National Park. Go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Dry Tortugas and experience the natural beauty of the sea life from just inches away. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy an excursion to these stunning gems in the Gulf of Mexico.

To maximize you time in the park, take a speedy seaplane charter to the islands. Flying there is half the fun–and you’ll get a guided tour and photo opportunities along the way. The most affordable option is the ferry ride. However you get there, you’ll be glad you made the trip to America’s most remote national park.

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Dry Tortugas Ferry & Seaplane


Dolphin watch, swim & snorkel from a luxury catamaran.
$74.95 $67.46
See wild dolphins in their native habitat.
Enjoy music and drinks after your snorkel.


See Key West from the air. It’s the ride of your life!


Take in magnificent views above and below the water.
Spring Break in Key West - Enjoying Duval Street. Enjoying Duval Street during Spring Break in Key West

(KEY WEST) February 3, 2013 – Attracted by the multicultural, laid-back ambiance, tropical temperatures and wild bar scene in America’s only Caribbean island, Key West is an increasingly popular Spring Break destination for college students from throughout Florida and beyond. The population of this four-mile long by two-mile wide Island swells with college students between February and April every year. [click to continue…]

Key West is home to about 200 wild bottlenose dolphins. The wild bottlenose dolphins off Key West enjoy watching you, too.

Key West dolphin tours are hugely popular, and are a “must-see” part of any Florida Keys vacation. People just seem to be drawn to these graceful creatures. Bottlenose dolphins are fascinating because of their beauty and intelligence. Though they’re wild, the bottlenose dolphins in the ocean around Key West are frequently curious and interested in the vessels and people sharing the water with them. [click to continue…]

Take a friend on your parasailing adventure!



Play even more when 3 of you parasail together!



Key West Jet Ski Rental | | 888-667-4386Enjoy a full 60 minutes of jet skiing off Key West.


Fly to the Dry Tortugas on an exciting sea plane.

Dry Tortugas Seaplane service is the fastest way to get there.